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Arugula Salad with Raspberries and Salmon Roe

I guess it’s salmon season!  The Korean markets around me have been selling wild salmon roe, cured, so mom and I bought some.  However, I was having a hard time … Continue reading

March 18, 2013 · Leave a comment

Califlower Crust Pizza

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I don’t usually go to BuzzFeed for recipes and inspiration for food, more for cute animal photos and Jennifer Lawrence memes, but a friend forwarded this … Continue reading

March 17, 2013 · 1 Comment

I LIKE BIG BEETS.. and I cannot lie!

Just discovered my love for beets! “I like big beets and I cannot lie!” (a 90’s reference for those old enough to understand it!). Here’s a juicing recipe for you: … Continue reading

March 16, 2013 · 7 Comments

Pretty Bad Flare

Hey y’all, I’ve been going through a pretty bad flare. Sure, I’m still doing much better than pre SCD, but the colonoscopy really messed me up good (or bad?). Since … Continue reading

January 31, 2013 · 2 Comments

Juicing and SCD

I am happily sharing that juicing is a – okay! After two months on the SCD Diet, I’ve been able to take down some homemade juice! Here’s the recipe: 3 … Continue reading

January 20, 2013 · 5 Comments

Smoked Salmon Omelete Recipe

It’s been a while! I do have a quick and easy morning recipe for you! Let me think about what I ate this past week… SMOKED SALMON AND CREAM CHEESE … Continue reading

January 11, 2013 · Leave a comment

Honey Lemon Glazed Chicken

These turned out really well.  My friend, Marilla, commented, “Wow! These are the closest to real, delicious food that I’ve seen you eat!” Serves 2 (but I eat them all … Continue reading

December 31, 2012 · Leave a comment