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I LIKE BIG BEETS.. and I cannot lie!

I LIKE BIG BEETS.. and I cannot lie!

Just discovered my love for beets! “I like big beets and I cannot lie!” (a 90’s reference for those old enough to understand it!).

Here’s a juicing recipe for you:
3 carrots, medium sized
2 beets (mine were already cooked, no flavoring, but raw is better for you nutritionally)
1 fuji apple
1 cup of spinach
a few kale leaves (lacinto are my favorite)
1 inch ginger (not too much..it’s strong!)
optional: a handful of parsley and/mint
optional: a celery stick
optional: banana (blender status, not in your juicer)
half a cup of coconut water!


I always thought it was an old wive’s tale (read “Chinese Medicine” in quotations because it isn’t REAL chinese medicine, just my mom giving me tips, like how eating a chicken’s heart is good for your heart..?) that beets were good for your cardiovascular system and blood. Well, I was wrong, because beets ARE good for your cardiov system! I won’t bore you will all the facts but for you nutrition and science nerds, you can go here: http://www.nutrition-and-you.com/beets.html

Summary: glycine betaine!!! Que es glycine betaine? It lowers homocysteine levels, which, in high levels, can lead to heart disease. No good.  Let’s not forget potassium, vitamin C, yaaay antioxidant!


7 comments on “I LIKE BIG BEETS.. and I cannot lie!

  1. cooking with audrey
    March 18, 2013

    nice. thanks for posting this, i experimented with beets this week, but love new ideas on how to incorporate them into my juices. 🙂

    • sinceraty
      March 18, 2013

      totally just discovered beets and now I want them everyday!

      • cooking with audrey
        March 18, 2013

        try golden beets! also, chioggia beets if you can find them. they have a surprise inside!! 🙂

      • sinceraty
        March 26, 2013

        I JUST bought golden beets. Any recos on how to cook them up? I was just going to roast them.

  2. sinceraty
    March 18, 2013

    I wanted to see the surprise so I went online and found an image. They look so fun! Like straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…

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