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Pamela’s GF Baking Mix

Hey All!

No, I don’t get any endorsements for this, but I just wanted to share that being on SCD for a full 4 months has helped me improve so much that I am up to eating out at certain restaurants (though, cautiously) and I have found my belly is pretty happy with gluten free goodies!  It’s always safer to make things yourself, but I found Pamela’s to be quite good.

Amazon charges a ridiculous 25$ for 4-lb, and I wouldn’t recommend getting that much unless you know you’re okay with it.  Check your local supermarket (I got it at Fairways for 14$) or see if you have any friends who will split the bill with you.  It’s much more worth it to get in bulk.

I got the baking and pancake mix because it seemed more versatile for the kind of food I’d be making.  Plus I miss having real pancakes. 🙂



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This entry was posted on March 15, 2013 by in Bread, Gluten-Free, Gluten-Free Tips.
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