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Too much coconut water?

Hey y’all, I was hopeful yesterday after seeing formed stool (TMI) In the morning, but now I am a little frustrated. It’s 4:25 AM Here and I’ve been woken up by my colon. I’m thinking the cause was I (foolishly) drank coconut water straight out of the coconut instead of diluting it 1:3 with water as I usually do. Well, hopefully that was the end of it! Praying for normal bms from here on out. Always gotta stay hopeful. I was considering to take a Canasa suppository or perhaps an Immodium, but after breathing and praying about it, I still don’t feel good about that decision. Reminding myself to not rush into decisions (like I did when I decided to do my colonoscopy.. And look where it got me!) and just to take it a step at a time. It’s so easy to stress out. But I think God is really teaching me to rest and to trust him and his Spirit guiding me. Psalm 6 resonates quite deeply with me right now. Drinking mint tea (yaay) and it seems to be calming my system. I am a little nervous about replenishing the electrolytes and sodium but coconut water is probably Not a good idea now.. Since it was the culprit of my diarrhea. Where are oral rehydration packs when you need them(oh I do miss Indonesia and China)?


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This entry was posted on February 2, 2013 by in diarrhea, Food Diary, symptoms.
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