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Pretty Bad Flare

Hey y’all,
I’ve been going through a pretty bad flare. Sure, I’m still doing much better than pre SCD, but the colonoscopy really messed me up good (or bad?).
Since the colonoscopy, I’ve had painful rectum and left colon, discomfort keeping me from sleeping well, and diarrhea. I had one formed stool after the colonoscopy  (which I happened to use for my stool test!). Other than that, it’s been watery and wet clay-like. Sorry for the TMI.
I’ve been back on the intro diet, but was unsure if the SCD yogurt was causing more D, so I went off it since yesterday. Well, I’ve had more pain since I’ve been off the yogurt but my stool is becoming a little more formed (at least not watery).
Praying that my diarrhea will stop soon. Just having chicken soup makes me very tired.


2 comments on “Pretty Bad Flare

  1. D
    July 31, 2013

    Hello! I love your website and posts! Thank you for all your input. I’m on day 5 of SCD intro diet (eating only meat/fish and broth, no eggs, carrots, gelatin, juice) and have had horrible reactions. Pure water BMs whereas before the diet my BMs were somewhat formed. I understand there is a die off, but I’ve been searching everywhere for people’s same reaction as me and can’t find it. Sounds like you had it secondary to a procedure. How long did your D last for?

    I’m getting scared and frustrated 😦

    • sincerawithoutwax
      December 21, 2016

      Sorry for the late message. How are thing going with you? My D lasted for almost 7 months!!! And sometimes, I would think I got better but then I would feel worse. But stick to the diet!!

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