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Watery Stool Scare

Sorry for the TMI title.. But that’s how I felt.

So I woke up this morning after barely sleeping (since the colonoscopy, my gut has been very moody!). I decided to skip out on my usual SCD yogurt for breakfast because I thought maybe, just maybe, it might be causing the issues. What was I thinking? I only had scrambled eggs for breakfast and I had… Diarrhea soon after.
Still not making the connection, I actually was a-ok for the next 4 hours. Mild discomfort. Nothing too horrible. I decided to have some raw papaya, something I had a week before my colonoscopy with no negative side effects. Still fine. I had lunch.. A baked kabocha squash with stuffed ground beef. And… Then.. Diarrhea.

Took a nap because I felt tired and woke up with watery diarrhea… I hadn’t had diarrhea like this since my salmonella bug in Oct 2012. I freaked. Called my GI doc who said “don’t worry! Let me prescribe stronger mesalamine drugs for you!” prescribed Asacol and then advised I take immodium. I felt uneasy about this solution.. Back on the toilet I went. Nausea. More diarrhea. Dehydration starting… Chugged down some water.

Thank God for healingwell.com forums. This girl named Joanna who is actually a year younger than I was able to put me at ease. She had the same issue after her colonoscopy and worse. Said I need to flood my system with yogurt and intro diet delights again. That’s what I thought I had to do… It’s always goood to trust your gut because your gut knows best!

So now after taking down two cups of yogurt, my gut actually is happier. I’m not exaggerating. After the last bout of diarrhea (had 5 already today), it was so angry, I felt a fever coming on. The yogurt has soothed that (of course, it’s also nice and cool) and my system is happier. Will update you if I’m just delusional and start having more flare up again tonight.



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