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Pre-Colonoscopy Prep and Experience

Hey all,

I was extremely against (partly fear, partly feeling it was unnecessary) getting a colonoscopy. I’m only 24 (turning 25 in a few weeks) and of course, I’ve had my share of bowel problems which is why I went SCD in the first place. But I conceded – partly because I was tired of arguing about it with my mom (read: Asian daughter syndrome) and I am curious if there are any polyps. But I’m pretty sure the doctor will diagnose me with ulcerative colitis (UC) or ibd.

It’s been a struggle the past 12 hours. As I’m sure you know, the liquid laxatives are made up of SCD Illegals, and so of course, I’ve cleared out my entire system of good bacteria and exposed it to flare-up starters. The diarrhea hasn’t been too unbearable (since most of us are familiar with visiting the toilet) and of course, some mild cramping and nausea is nothing new for me. But the flare up and urgency to go to the bathroom disrupted my sleep last night, making me super grumpy this morning. The flare up is surprisingly mild, but you know, a fever is still a fever (thank God it’s gone!) and arthritis still hurts (perhaps some pain is from hot yoga 2 days ago).

I fell asleep around 10 pm but woke up at 1 am, 2 am, 4 am to urinate. Then I finally woke up at 830 am, and my bowel movements (of liquid) started again. I’ve been drinking 1/4 cup mixed with 3/4 water (hot and room temperature) to hydrate. Strained chicken broth as my meals, and juicer made apple juice as my… dessert? My doctor only asked me to drink 1/2 of the Golytely since I was so sensitive to it.

I freaked out and did a lot of research about colonoscopy exams, and I still find them quite invasive and unnecessary unless you are of age and/or think you need a change in your treatment of GI problems, but anyhow, there isn’t too much to fear up until this point. I also freaked out when I took my Ducolax pills because I immediately felt difficultly with breathing (read: anxiety attack). So for those of you who are afraid, I know how you feel. You just gotta save the tears (because in hindsight I realize they dehydrate you!) and think of it as “trying a new tech gadget” (I’m trying to take it less seriously).

I was sad to find no posts about colonoscopy aftercare for SCD ers so once I’m able to post, I promise to let you all know what foods work best. My guess is SCD yogurt and broth for a couple of days. Here’s a more detailed schedule of my experience:

I’m scheduled for an afternoon colonoscopy at 3 pm today.
The SCD diet made the prep easier food wise, because we don’t eat those heavy carbs and we don’t usually have seeds. We also don’t eat heavy meals but small meals throughout the day. So about 5 days before the exam, I just made sure to not eat heavy meals. I didn’t do this, but advise staying away from herbs like thyme or small leafed anything. I still see remnants of thyme coming out today (TMI).

3 days before the exam, I actually didn’t do anything different. A lot of people recommend a low residue diet but again, SCD is quite gentle, especially if you’re only advancing through stage 2/3 (that is where I’m at!). I caught a cold also, so I was already drinking chicken broth and tons of liquids all day.

2 days before the exam, I went to yoga and stayed up late. I don’t think I’d recommend it. But that’s what I did.

The day before the exam, I was sore from yoga.
10 AM: I had a light breakfast : two hard boiled eggs, a bowl of yogurt. Apparently it helps to cut out dairy but I wanted to treat my GI tract one last time before shocking it with laxatives. I was nervous. I was crying. I was arguing with my mom the colonoscopy would do more harm than good. It was not a pleasant morning. But I gave in.
12 PM I drank some homemade pear+ apple juice, diluted.
1:30 PM I drank some chicken broth. A lot of broth.
3:10 PM I took my 2 Ducolax pills
5:15 PM I began my Golytely solution. 1 cup every 10 minutes. It tasted like sewage water. I used chicken broth as a chaser. My doc told me I only needed to drink 1/4 so.. I wasn’t going to drink more than I had to.
6:14 PM exactly 59 minutes later, I had my first bm. It was gross. Watery and painful. Rehydrated with two cups of coconut water mixture, and returned to the toilet every 15-30 mins until about 8:45 PM. I was so tired I just wanted to sleep.

12:30 AM just woke up to urinate.
1:53 AM urinating again.
4:something urinating again.
8:53 good morning, bathroom to have a bowel movement!

It’s not completely clear yet. It’s still a bit muddy. But no more solids. Will be back on Golytely in an hour. Yikes! It’s really the anticipation that drives me crazy.


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