Specific Carbohydrates Diet Beats Ulcerative Colitis

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Post Colonoscopy Care (SCD)

I am starting this post today but will continue to add to it. =) I was sad not being able to find any useful posts in the Web space about this so I thought I’d share my experience.

From my last post, you’ll see I experienced some flare up since the laxatives are scd legal. I recommend you ask your doctor for SCD legal laxatives if possible!

So my colonoscopy results showed UC at the end (my rectum). We’re still talking through treatment options but my doctor is supportive of SCD! I have to go back for my stool test and for now, the doctor subscribed suppositories (Canasa). Any one familiar with that drug? I’m still trying to do research and will let you know what I find =)

I was actually really quite hungry after the procedure. I took a few bites of some cracker they gave me (it was Korean and definitely not gluten free) and some Kool-Aid so.. I just skipped to my own scd broth. So good. I also had a hard boiled egg! I was starving! Now I’m craving asparagus cooked in coconut oil with minced garlic. Haha. That’s what happens when you go on SCD…!

AT HOME… I scarfed down a big bowl of scd legal yogurt and my intestines startled gargling, but I know it made them happy to see some good soldiers =) I just had another bowl of broth and even some black chicken! Yum. I don’t think I can ever let go of scd its so great!


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This entry was posted on January 22, 2013 by in colonoscopy, SCD.
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