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I Cheated And Paid

Yep. I cheated on my diet. After two months of being extremely great and following phase by phase, progressing almost into phase 3, I actually gave into my craving for chocolate and thought, “Well, it IS a gluten-free goodie, so I should be okay!” What a mistake! I didn’t feel the reaction right away. In fact, I even tried to be “good” by only taking a tiny piece and waiting 15 minutes before proceeding to take larger pieces. Well. I felt it the next day.. All day. All night. And all the day after. And now I am still recovering (day 3?). I think it doesn’t help that there’s a flu epidemic going around and my body is already working over time to keep me from getting that! I work with kids almost everyday, so I know my system is working hard around those little germ factories (I do love them).

Well, in addition to all that jazz, I still never got my period for the month of December and now that we’re almost half way through January, I guess I should see my physician about this. I’m sure it has to do with my diet and maybe because I just started going to hot yoga pretty regularly.
Oh well! No more cheating. Just back on the intro diet for the time being. =P


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