Specific Carbohydrates Diet Beats Ulcerative Colitis

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I guess I’ve been a little confused, but perhaps this goes to show that there isn’t exactly a one size fits all with SCD. Though I’ve only been on SCD for two months, I’ve improved immensely. No more crazy abdominal pain. No more fatigue to the point I’d have to stay home for weeks. No more nausea or fainting episodes. Diarrhea is pretty much gone, minus the one or two times I might have just undercooked my food or ate out. What has surprised me most is how healthy I’ve felt. Of course this is thanks to the SCD diet! But my friends and family, even those who never get sick have all been catching a good part of the flu epidemic going around. Eek.

In addition to all this good news, I started doing hot yoga about three times to four times a week (well its only been a week so far and I’ve gone to four classes). I signed up for a month unlimited. It’s so great! It’s very intense but I actually feel like my body is thanking me for it. I get time to really clear my mind and rest and focus on God. It’s super great. Also, my friend Monna noticed I had abs just after the first 3 classes. Crazy.

With that being said, here comes the confusing part. Once in a while (read this week), I’ve noticed that when I am urinating, sometimes a small piece of bm will come out, or with a little bit of mucus. Sometimes I think my poop is normal except it is a little tough so it makes me bleed a little. Is this a reaction to the food I am not tolerating or should I be more concerned?? Anyway it has stopped as of today.

Non scd foods I’ve actually been ok with: almond flour chocolate ganache. Potato chips (only potatoes, olive oil and salt) when I have no more than just about a handful a week. That confused me but I am not complaining! =)

Good luck on your scd journey!


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