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Monthly Archives: January, 2013

Pretty Bad Flare

Hey y’all, I’ve been going through a pretty bad flare. Sure, I’m still doing much better than pre SCD, but the colonoscopy really messed me up good (or bad?). Since … Continue reading

January 31, 2013 · 2 Comments

Watery Stool Scare

Sorry for the TMI title.. But that’s how I felt. So I woke up this morning after barely sleeping (since the colonoscopy, my gut has been very moody!). I decided … Continue reading

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Back to Work!

Hey all! It’s been two days now since my colonoscopy. I finally had bowel movements yesterday (5 in total!). I had a green juice in the morning (carrots, kale, mint, … Continue reading

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Day after Colonoscopy

I barely slept. I was nervous about possible complications, and knowing that my brother was sick and my dad is quite at an old age, I’d have to figure things … Continue reading

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Post Colonoscopy Care (SCD)

I am starting this post today but will continue to add to it. =) I was sad not being able to find any useful posts in the Web space about … Continue reading

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Pre-Colonoscopy Prep and Experience

Hey all, I was extremely against (partly fear, partly feeling it was unnecessary) getting a colonoscopy. I’m only 24 (turning 25 in a few weeks) and of course, I’ve had … Continue reading

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Juicing and SCD

I am happily sharing that juicing is a – okay! After two months on the SCD Diet, I’ve been able to take down some homemade juice! Here’s the recipe: 3 … Continue reading

January 20, 2013 · 5 Comments