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Symptom Update (after just 2 Months of SCD)

Hi ya’ll,

Thought you might be interested in how I’m doing symptom-wise.  I prefer posting my fun recipes but perhaps this will be useful information for those of you considering SCD, or those of you trying to figure out what works for you.  

Honestly, it’s like an elimination diet, where you’re starting from the basics (Intro stage of chicken broth) and slowly adding things in one by one.  Some foods may work for the general population but not for you.

I can actually give you a progression of the foods I added in the order I added them:

1. Chicken broth, Coconut Water, and Steamed Pear (although I mistakenly stayed on JUST BROTH for about… 3 weeks.  I didn’t even have salt because it would give me diarrhea, which caused a plethora of symptoms, like dehydration, which led to nausea, heart palpitations, etc.

2. Chicken. Boiled. Sauteed. Then broiled and lastly baked.

3. Carrots. (I got so sick of this vegetable because it was all I could have for the longest time.)

4. Butternut Squash and Zucchini.

5. Salmon.

Once my headaches stopped, I started:

6. Eggs. First only egg whites, because they used to make me nauseous. Definitely overindulged the first time I had yolk (6 eggs that day.. but I was fine!).

7. SCD legal bananas (I didn’t really know what this meant at first. Your skin — the yellow part — needs to be spotted with black dots.  Not bruised!).  But I would only mash them in my eggs first to make simple pancakes that were super delicious, especially once I could handle the dry spices!

8. Ginger(Just the juice first). SALT. Ground Tumeric. Ground Cinnamon. Garlic (just the juice first.. then minced).Ground Nutmeg. Ground Cloves. In that order!

9. Raw Honey.

11. Ground Turkey.

12. Ground Beef was such an improvement!

13. Spinach.

14. Shrimp.

15. Portobello Mushrooms. (Then all these other mushrooms: button, Crimini).

16. Pecan nut milk. (Though I still can’t have too many nut products.  Maybe like 1-2 tablespoons a day).

17. Avocados raw! SUCH A LIFE SAVER for quick snacks. 

18. SCD Legal Cheese!!!

19. SCD YOGURT!!! (Though I started it way too late)

20. Tomatoes. Again, life saver.

21. Fresh, Diluted Juices (strained so that no pulp or anything gets through).

So you see? Tons of improvement! Here are things I’ve had but I don’t have often because they are sort of iffy:

1. lamb. I think I just don’t digest it well (Blood type A perhaps?)

2. apple cider vinegar. I tried to have a teaspoon before I have any meats but… I don’t know yet. 

3. vanilla extract.  Of course I got SCD legal extract but.. still not too sure.

4. artichoke. I’ll have to retry that one. IT’s just hard to puree (how can I do that?) to gain tolerance.

5. celery. I’m sure I’ve seen some come out the other end undigested. Though I always put it in my stocks and it’s hard to not eat it when it’s there.

6. goji berries. They have seeds but I put them in my stock.

7. parsley. They are supposedly stage 3 or 4 according to Steve and Jordan, but I’ve put them in my stocks and flavored some of my meats with it.

8. lamb (listed above).


I haven’t had any pork because I can’t find organic or grass-fed. I also just don’t know how to pick out pork.  I also haven’t dared to try a new nut because I’m still having a bit of a problem with pecan.


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