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Homemade Pecan Milk

I’ve noticed quite a few recipes online for almond milk, but I’ve been experimenting to see what makes pecan milk tasty.  Pecans are naturally sweet, and are much more “earthy” in taste than almonds are.  Adding a date (after being soaked in water and deseeded) is pretty tasty.  I thought about trying to add a few drops of vanilla extract.  Anyway, here’s my recipe for now.  Homemade pecan milk lasts about 5 days, but make sure you take a sniff always before using it.

1 cup of organic, raw pecans (if they’re from California, they’ve actually been pasteurized.  Well, so technically, they’re not raw.  Get European ones, but if you can’t afford it like me, Trader Joe’s is your other option.  But be warned, they are pasteurized!)
2 cups of water and 2 cups of coconut water (or 4 cups of filtered water)
1 tsp of legal vanilla

Soak pecans in filtered water for 8 hours.  Cover the container and make sure the water covers all the pecans. Pour out the water and rinse the pecans in cold water.  Let pecans dry before placing in a blender, with 2 cups of water, and 2 cups of coconut water. (If you don’t have coconut water, filtered water is fine, but coconut water makes it more flavorful and it hydrates you better!)  Add also half a tsp of vanilla (legal!) for flavor.  Blend on liquify if you have that option.


Using a sifter, you can hold the fibers from going into your milk!  Save those fibers for a cupcake or maybe you can use it for breading when you bake chicken 🙂












There you have it!  Creamy delicious, homemade pecan milk!



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