Specific Carbohydrates Diet Beats Ulcerative Colitis

Recipes, SCD, follow my journey!

Confirmation from the GI doctor

I decided I’m going to stop apologizing because then all my posts will be filled with sorries and who wants to read that?

It’s been a pretty awesome few weeks, and I’ve progressed so much on the SCD diet. I can now walk for blocks without any heart palpitations or lightheaded feelings.

I’ve also done a lot of reading and research and found that doing the warrior pose (in yoga) helps me with my bowel movements, as well as drinking two cups of warm water right when I wake up. I’ve cut down on eating during late hours and am trying to snack throughout the day. My body is a lot happier about it!

I’ve also started part time work this week, from Monday to Wednesday afternoons! So you see? Despite all the work that had to go into this, it was ultimately worth it and I’m sure once I’m done phasing into the more advanced months of this diet, I’ll feel amazing!

I have some fun recipes for you all, but I still don’t known why I can’t get my photos uploaded. I’ll post the recipes first and if you’re curious, check out my instagram! Username: k0na 🙂

I’m only on stage two of the SCD diet but I already feel amazing. I’ve only been on it for a full two months, with setbacks here and there (because sometimes, I overindulge or I cheat by eating something way too advanced).

Today I went to a gastrointestinal doctor for the first time. I was planning to get a colonoscopy or endoscopy, but the doctor told me I didn’t need one. In fact he actually told me to stick to the SCD diet and that he would do it too if he had more discipline. To that I just laughed!

Lalala yay for SCD!


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