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Restaurant Misadventures

First off… Happy one month to me! It’s exciting that only one month on the SCD Diet, I’ve already seen major improvements. I’m no longer bloated every time I eat, I don’t have diarrhea 3 times a day, and my abdominal cramps rarely happen! I also don’t wake up nauseated every morning or feel lightheaded every time I walk for more than two blocks. I am so grateful for this diet. Secondly, I do see a doctor but he is pretty unclear about SCD. Make sure you find a good physician! Third, to celebrate, I decided to try venturing out into the restaurant world! I’ve made it to phase 2 of the diet and I thought, just maybe, restaurants could be ok?

Well… Even in NYC I am finding it a challenge to eat SCD legal. Gluten free seems easier but I just don’t know. Yesterday I was out all day so I could’ve packed lunch and dinner but ran out of time in the morning. But then I really paid for it because though I didn’t have any severe reactions, I know my intestines are not happy about it! I went to a restaurant in Bayside, Queens, called Bareburger. The good news is their meat is lean, pasture-fed, and free of antibiotics, steroids, and all of that ick stuff. But the bad thing for us SCD folks is.. They marinade all their meats. The server couldn’t tell me what sort of seasoning was used but I can assure you it probably wasn’t SCD legal. I don’t know… Their fries are listed GF and nut free, but they fry in peanut oil or canola. I guess peanut is considered SCD legal but I’m only at the beginning of phase 2 (I just started garlic!). So I ended up ordering a bison paddy, no bread, and added two avocado halves and two fried eggs. Super delicious but I knew I’d regret it later.

How could ANYONE resist this deliciousness?

How could ANYONE resist this deliciousness?

For dinner, I picked up food from another restaurant in Queens, called Chicken Lovers. Now I’ve actually had their chicken before and had no adverse reactions so I thought that maybe I could handle it. Well, perhaps it was because I ordered half a chicken this time and they put it in a box next to mac and cheese and Spanish rice, but again my intestines did not like it one bit! No crazy reactions but I did feel my heart was beating a little funky. Sigh. Oh, how I wish they had restaurants labeled “phase 1” or “scd friendly”. Oh well, I’ve learned a lot from this experience, mainly, I still recommend making your own food. I wonder if sleeplessness is a part of the symptoms. Does anyone know? I woke up at 5. My intestines keep making funky sounds and I way bloated. It sounds bad but I am already anticipating diarrhea. In other news though… Bison is a really delicious meat!

My Recommendation?  Cook and eat at home. It saves money (I spent $50 USD on my friend and I at Bareburger. Totally not worth it for all the food I had to avoid due to “questionable” sauces and oils and marinades).


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