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Simple Banana Pancakes

It’s been such a successful week – salt, black ground pepper, coconut oil and eggs have made their way into my diet! I was extremely skeptical of eggs because my body hated it when I first tried to introduce just egg whites into my plain white congee. This was when I was back in China and just starting a gluten free diet. But since I’ve gone SCD, my intestines improved so greatly that I’ve been able to have eggs! Here’s a simple recipe!

1 banana for every 2 eggs (making 4 “pancakes”)
Line the pan with coconut oil to keep from sticking to the pan

Easy peasy! Make sure you allow the pancake to firm before attempting to flip. It takes some practice but in the worst case, you’d have wrinkly paddies or crepe-like ones! Still tasty. I also just love the way coconut oil mildly flavors the pancakes. I can’t categorize this as GF because technically, eggs can have secondary glutenization. I just feel so blessed to have no problems with eggs and bananas!


3 comments on “Simple Banana Pancakes

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  2. Theresa
    June 22, 2013

    So I have a stupid question. All you have is the bananas and eggs? Is anything else added to keep it together. I was told I have segmental colitis a couple weeks ago and have appointments, with my doctors this week. Still trying to figure out what I can eat. I found out yesterday fresh fruits, which I love makes me bloat and the tummy not feeling so nice:(. I’m actually afraid to eat. I’m still very blessed because I know it could be worse, for me. I thank God everyday:) God bless you

    • sincerawithoutwax
      December 21, 2016

      Not a stupid question! That’s all you need! Crazy right? Eggs and Bananas.. 🙂 I still eat them now even though I’ve healed. How are you?

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