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Thanksgiving Madness

Hi dear friends! Apologies for not being good at writing on this frequently, but as I had mentioned, I don’t have internet access all the time.  I’m at my mom’s office now, writing to you 🙂

Since the last time I wrote (wow, only 6 days ago?), Thanksgiving happened.  That comment in itself should say a lot to you!  I was so blessed to be able to have some turkey, boiled in water.  I also started ingesting salt!  In my experience, go with Kosher salt. ADDITIVE-FREE, BABY!  Sorry, I just am so excited to finally have salt in my system.  My doctor was very happy, too, because he said that I was losing WAY too much water.  Dehydration is not a good thing, folks.

Of course, hydrating on coconut water has not stopped.  I have about 2-3 of those young coconuts a day!  The doctor orders twenty 500ml bottles of water a day. I’m so tiny, how is my body going to be able to handle it?  My doctor also ordered a potato-chip bag’s worth of salt.  That is a lot of salt, people.

I recommend that those of you who are on Stage 2 of SCD to start juicing different fruits.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a juicer.  Fortunately, in the USA, I am surrounded by different brands of drinks.  Naked Juice seems promising.  Of course, you never know what these companies can add in there (WARNING: because as long as there’s less than 2%, it doesn’t have to be listed in the ingredients label!!),  BUT, Naked has proved to do a-okay with my GI tract.  I prefer “Green Machine” and “Red Machine”.  (Christmas themed?)

Another recipe I fell in love with these past 6 days is a beef and zucchini dish.  I pretty much followed SCDfishie’s recipe, except I didn’t use any oil, and I didn’t add carrots (trust me, after weeks of ONLY CARROT PUREE, you kind of want to avoid it.. forever..).

It’s a journey.  Take your time!

BY THE WAY: I’ve been 99% symptom free for about a week now.  I left the 1% because I still feel light headed sometimes (but I think the reason is more because I don’t drink enough water), and I don’t have diarrhea, but loose stool.  My pains and nausea are all gone though.  Hooray!


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