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Best Puree

The best pureed combination I’ve had this far: carrot and butternut squash. It’s perfectly balanced. I usually hate carrots – – cooked or raw, unless dipped in a huge wad of hummus or ranch dressing. But the butternut squash over takes the carrot just enough to get rid of the “carroty” taste. To make it even tastier, I used my leftover chicken juices from broiling in rosemary over butternut squash this morning. It’s just a divine bowl of puree! Never thought I’d ever say that about puree… I wonder if baby food brands have this combo? If not, I recommend it!


After putting the squash in the oven with the chicken, remove any burnt parts. Stick it in a bowl and pour in some chicken juices and a few of the leftover rosemary leaves. Steam for about 10 minutes. You may add carrots and steam at the same time, I just steamed them separately. The raw carrots took about half an hour to steam. Add them into the blender, making sure you don’t add any rosemary leaves in there! I use the ‘chop’ then ‘puree’ function. Voila!


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