Specific Carbohydrates Diet Beats Ulcerative Colitis

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Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged with this diet, especially because it’s really something you HAVE to stick to, lest you don’t mind letting your gut go crazy. So that naturally makes you feel you have less control over what you eat. Well, I just want to encourage you and say that you are actually having MORE self-control by feeding yourself all the good things that won’t ruin your body! Sometimes it gets difficult because our generation is all about instant gratification, but it’s really one of those processes that can seem long and arduous, but definitely “worth the wait”. It’s easy to give up when after a week, you still don’t feel or see the results. Or, you may have started feeling the results, but once you introduced a food your body just wouldn’t tolerate, your gut went crazy on you! Well, I’m really thankful for the support I get, from my friends and my readers here to “take it easy” and “stick it through!”

As for me, the previous week had been pretty discouraging, because after making such good progress in the first couple of weeks on the diet, I got a little too excited, and did not do enough research to know that there is a “guideline” of how to phase out of the “Intro” stage of the diet into more a more “normal” diet. My mom, of course, was also getting extremely worried about malabsorption, so because I felt so good, I had WAY TOO MANY different foods that were on the “advanced” end of the spectrum — and, rice noodles aren’t even a part of the SCD diet, although they could be considered gluten free if you can prove they are definitely made of JUST PURE RICE. But it’s difficult if you go for store-bought. I also had bok choy and steamed cauliflower (part of the cabbage family), which is way “out of my league” if you know what I mean! So, after days of constipation and diarrhea, I was back to my stabilizers — chicken broth (I’ve been obsessed with black chicken though it’s rubbery), carrot puree, pear sauce (pureed), and coconut water. Today, I’m happy to report a normal bowel movement! 🙂


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