Specific Carbohydrates Diet Beats Ulcerative Colitis

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It’s quite insane, in my opinion, how one little mistake can ruin your weeks and months of hard work! Of course I’ve just started on the diet for a little over a week, but after seeing such positive results within such a short amount of time, I thought too highly of what my gut could handle.

As you saw in my last few posts, I started experimenting with cauliflower (which is, now I know, definitely for more advanced SCDers, as are all cabbage family vegetables!), almond milk (another advanced stage food) and bok choy (similar to cabbage). I recommend everyone to do their research and try not to fall into the same problem I did. I know this isn’t the best website out there, but because I’m a bit limited in my Internet access, check out this website and do your research!

One interesting fact I learned is that sometimes, the negative reactions to the diet come from the bad pathogens trying to hold on for dear life, because they know they’ll die off soon, so they release all sorts of toxins, causing some symptoms that feel just as bad if not worse than food intolerance. I am not sure how you can tell the difference between the two, but I’ve learned my lesson and I hope you will learn from my mistakes – DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING YOU BUY. I feel like I need to live on a farm just to avoid all these processed goods and processed sugars.

I made some fresh coconut milk today (super easy, especially if you have a juicer!) but learned it’s for pretty advanced SCDers. Also, the website above mentioned gluten can have an 8 month life span, so never try more than an eighth of a teaspoon at a time of a new food. Also limit it to one new food every two days. It seems like an arduous process that even my mom was unhappy with, but it’s completely worth it if my gut and your gut is going to heal! 🙂

Happy healing!


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This entry was posted on November 14, 2012 by in Gluten-Free Tips, SCD, symptoms.
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