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A Successful Day!

I’m just extremely excited to share about my successful day! Last night, mom helped me make a pot of black chicken soup with only ginger. She used that to cook a pumpkin,carrot, and mountain yam soup. This morning I pureed it in a blender and it was delicious! I also scooped room temperature avocado into the soup, making a delicious, extra-creamy texture. So good. I also made the mashed cauliflower again, but this time I was able to puree it in the blender. I added a pinch of salt and pepper. So good! Today was also successful because I was able to buy some gluten free goodies for my pantry. I’ll be making avocado rolls soon! Hooray! It was very VERY difficult to shop for GF in the Asian market. To be safe, avoid anything not properly labeled. It’s best to even avoid foreign-labeled products when your intestines is not in a good state.. It’ll thank you later! Finally I attempted to make some desiccated coconut flour, but without a juicer, the fibers are too creamy. I’ll need to figure this out! Lastly, I had almond tofu made with pure almond milk. I prefer unsweetened over original, but I’m not a fan of vanilla flavored milk, so my only issue with it is the sweetness of it all. Otherwise it’s a yummy snack, and it’s gluten and dairy free! 🙂 Symptoms: I’ve felt pretty good, just a bit lightheaded at times when I’m getting out of bed. It’s probably just jetlag because I only get it right when I wake up. TMI ALERT: today was the first time I pooped twice, and it was all healthy looking. A bit green, because I imagine all the veggies are coming out. But then I wonder if it’s mal absorption?


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This entry was posted on November 13, 2012 by in Dairy Free, Food Diary, Gluten-Free, SCD.
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