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Day ??

Am I supposed to restart my day count since: 1. I knowingly cheated at the airport in Toronto. You know, even stateside it’s quite difficult to find places that will make you gluten free foods. I had a grilled salmon on a bed of rice. But I could taste the garlic and butter and some variation of MSG because I was really suffering on the flight home! This all because nyc was hit with the nor easter snowstorm so what could I do? No excuses could undo how horribly my stomach felt, but thank God for all the ways my GI tract healed before the flight! 2. I just got a phone today with the Internet so apologies for being behind on my posts! I hope to post once a day still but the Internet is quite expensive. Any takers for my Internet fund? 😉 3. I do want to commend Air Canada though, for their friendly staff and their GF meals. Of course I’ve been on an SCD diet, but still was able to chow down on half of what they served! The only thing was they shouldn’t have served eggs for super sensitive kids like me. Also, they put me up in the Hilton Doubletree hotel at Toronto, which was quite accommodating to my GF needs! Good job, Hilton! I was served a stir fry which was actually just steamed veggies on a bed of white rice, sprinkled with sesame and just a hint of oil, and then plain white conger for breakfast. Ernesto at the Orchid cafe was very helpful! So these days, I’m back to square one with my spinoff of Michelle’s lifesaving chicken broth. I am still healing from my mistake and it’s been 2 days already. I’ve also started experimenting with steamed yams and avocados. They seem to get the bowels moving but I’m still not quite sure my tummy likes them! I think yams are too starchy. Last night I steamed watercress, and didn’t add any seasoning but some sliced garlic. My stomach was ok with it but I had to remove the stems from the leaves! It might seem like a lot of work but it’s not and it’s totally worth it! Treat your gut well 🙂 Tomorrow I’m hoping to make an SCD version of mashed potatoes with cauliflower! It sounds super delicious but I am not sure about butter since, as you know, I must stay off dairy for now. We’ll see what happens!!


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This entry was posted on November 11, 2012 by in airline, diarrhea, Food Diary, Gluten-Free, travel.
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