Specific Carbohydrates Diet Beats Ulcerative Colitis

Recipes, SCD, follow my journey!

Day 2

Today has been quite eventful.  I woke up at 5:30 in the morning (not usual for me) and I thought, “Wow!  It must be because I’m eating gluten free, and my energy is all coming back!”  I didn’t feel tired at all.  But actually, I felt troubled.  Not for myself, but I felt that something was wrong.  So I checked my phone and I received missed calls and an e-mail that said one of my closest friends here had gotten into a horrible car accident.

As you know, I’m trying my best to eat at the right time, and to eat healthy, so I had to move fast.  Luckily, Andrea brought me a box of already steamed jasmine rice (it looks like basmati to me, but she said it was jasmine. I’ll post a picture of it later when she gives it to me raw!).  I turned on medium heat for the broth I made last night, and as soon as the soup boiled, I filled it up to the top of the container where the rest of my rice was!  Also, since I didn’t know how long I would be there, I grabbed a carton of Koh Coconut water, and a few extra snacks for my friends who had been there all night.

Since I was the only chinese speaker, I was the only one who could communicate with the hospital staff, so I started running around trying to pay for this and take care of that. God definitely gave me the strength to do that for a good two hours before I started getting mild stomach pain (I was just hungry!).  I pulled out the carton of rice I made and scarfed it all down! I guess I was breaking my own rules about chewing slowly, but I was totally starved!

Since Cameron had to get stitches in his mouth, the doctor advised that he should not have anything to eat that is hot, and what he has should be light.  Luckily I remembered the coconut water for him, which should rephydrate him and give him loads of good electrolytes.  I also hope to make another broth so that I could bring it for him.  If I could eat it, I’m sure he should be good to eat it too.

I worked myself a little too much so I started feeling lightheaded and my heart started going a bit crazy, so luckily my friend Pascale came to relieve me with her boyfriend David.  Anyway, now that I’m home, I made sure to rehydrate with two cups of Koh’s Coconut water and I also made what I made for breakfast.  You always want to try to mix and match if your body can handle it, but as of now, I think I’ll stick to this for a couple of more days before I try any vegetable puree.

BEWARE of baby food.  I thought about doing that, but there could be gluten in the bottle.  Gluten is very sneaky!

Sorry for the disorganization.  I’m going to take a nap 🙂

Breakfast and Lunch today: A mixture of the steamed plain white rice and yummy broth from last night.  PARSLEY MADE IT TASTE REALLY GOOD.  I didn’t have parsley in the first broth I made, so definitely will be adding that more often!

Snack: Steamed snow pear!  I think it’s hands-down my new favorite snack 🙂  If your GI tract is exposed, I’d let it cool off first. Warm is okay, HOT is NOT.

Symptoms so far: Just tired (but mostly from running around and trying to understand Chinese medical terminology), and a bit gassy in the stomach.  A bit lightheaded earlier but probably from the staircase.


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