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Coconut Water — what’s the best?

Ok, first off, I’m in China, so already, I am limited to a couple of foreign supermarkets that charge two arms and two legs for everything. Well, I was lucky to stumble across this brand of coconut water, actually, because my ex-roommate used to work in a China-version of “fresh direct” and that always meant free stuff!  I had some of those brands of coconut water in the states.. Zico… Vita Coco.  I don’t know about you, but they all tasted weird.  I’m not sure if there are additives or fructose corn syrup (I hope not!) being added, but if you compare what it tastes like to the coconut water you get from a young coconut, there are some huge differences in taste alone.  Well, since I’m biased, I’d have to say that Koh’s is the best one to go with, especially if your GI tract is sensitive.  It definitely tastes like it has the lowest level of acidity, but again, I’m biased.

For label nerds like me, check out the comparison:











So, Zico claims to harvest at the highest potassium level of the coconut, but let’s take a look at Koh’s Coconut water label.  There’s a lot more per serving! 530mg>495mg, and at an even lower 470mg from Vitacoco.  You can see, we get a good source of Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium.  I actually get about 4 servings of Koh a day, so it takes care of a lot of the electrolyte imbalance that happens when you are sick and malnourished.  Bioactive enzymes, minerals, electrolytes, and all sorts of natural goodies to rehydrate you and help your digestion… and let’s not forget to mention anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging properties.  Choose Coconut water over.. distilled water?  Coconut is just one of those amazing fruits you can cook with (coconut oil), rehydrate with, make curries with, and even cakes.  yum!






May 2013: Since I’ve been back in NYC — I’ve been drinking Zico.  I’m happy that KOH is making it’s way here though!  Already saw it at Whole Foods and the other day, I saw it at 7-eleven!!! Good job KOH!


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