Specific Carbohydrates Diet Beats Ulcerative Colitis

Recipes, SCD, follow my journey!

Day “1”

I count this as my day quote endquote 1, because technically I’ve been trying to eat it for close to 3 weeks now.  Still, we’ll start today because I did trip up quite a number of times.  You know what, I realized that when you “trip up”, having like, a bite of gluten doesn’t only give you a “bite” of symptoms.  It’s not proportional.  You have one bite of gluten and your entire system goes crazy.  That’s because the gluten sets off your antibodies and your immune system starts attacking it self.  It sounds crazy but.. that’s what happens.  Anyway, today this is what my diet looks like:

Drinking Coconut water all day.  I’ll talk more about it tomorrow, but this thing is saving my life:

Breakfast: Chicken Broth (minus the garlic, salt, and vinegar, and I added some other things, like dried dates and goji berries. Yum.  I cheated and had a chicken wing.

symptoms: I felt pretty good until about noon.  Maybe I was just getting hungry, but the right side of my intestines (where I imagine my perforations are) was getting quite bad with writhing pain and giving me nausea.

Lunch: Andrea brought me a pumpkin, yam, carrot puree soup.  I had a bite and started getting nauseated, so I instead put the jasmine rice she gave me in a steamer and made some congee out of it.  That settled my intestines.

A lot of the nausea and problems I’m experiencing today actually are probably from yesterday.  I experimented with half a yam, half an avocado, and some craisins and walnuts. AVOID CRAISINS AND DRIED NUTS AT ALL COSTS.  My GI tract must not be ready for these things yet.  Too difficult to digest, and the spike in the sugar is just too much for me.  AVOID BANANAS FOR NOW TOO. Bananas are glycemic and cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

Dinner: More white rice congee.  Had a steamed pear, without the skin.  My tummy liked that one!  But I think it was too sweet compared to the rest of my diet today.  Tired but can’t really sleep.

TMI (Too Much Information) ALERT! Skip if talking about poop is not your thing: I had two bowel movements so far (it’s 4 in the afternoon), and they were actually all quite regular.  I’m still recovering from some rectal pain (I think gluten intolerance actually was causing my system to alternate between constipation and diarrhea), and I notice there’s some mucus. Warning again about the internet, but mucus isn’t really supposed to come out of your bowel movements.  It’s not a natural thing.  You have mucus when your nose is sick, and I guess pus comes out when you have like a sty in your eye, so mucus in your stool should mean your GI tract isn’t too healthy.  Anyway, if you’re interested about the cause, check out this link.


I’ve improved a lot since I’ve been off gluten for only… a week. Wow!  Still, this is what I’ve got for ya:

Symptoms as of November 2, 2012: faster heart rate than usual (it’s quite normal now), cold hands and feet, minor pulsing headaches on the right side of my head, 30 minute episode of abdominal pain on the right side, tinnitus (this is new to me.. probably started back in March), joint pain, bloated, I can actually feel the food sometimes in my intestines.  Two bowel movements today, no diarrhea, and no heartburn today.  I shed a lot. Nausea.

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